First Details Announced For Upcoming PlayStation Vita Title Smart As

May 16, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

The first details for the PlayStation Vita brain-training title Smart As have been announced.

On the PS Blog, Smart As Associate Producer Nicolo Accordino announced some details concerning what gamers can expect when playing the XDev Europe-produced game. First of all, Smart As is a puzzle game compilation consisting of 20 games designed to stimulate four different areas of the brain: arithmetic, logic, language, and observation-based skills. The player scores from each puzzle are used to calculate the player’s overall Brain Power percentage. Players who play regularly will have a higher chance of raising their Brain Power percentage.

Once players have earned their daily Brain Power score, they can compare their scores with friends, players met through “Near,” players in the player’s city, country, continent and even against the world via online leaderboards. Scores can be posted to Facebook as well. Using Near, players can even “drop off” puzzles for nearby users and “pick up” puzzles left by others.

Playing Smart As on the go via Wi-Fi & 3G will enable players to have the opportunity to unlock more challenges in different regions via Street Smart mode.

To see some of the games of Smart As in action, click on the video below:

Smart As is a PlayStation Vita exclusive that’s currently scheduled to release this fall.

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