600,000 Players Participated in Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta

May 19, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Ghost Recon Future Soldier‘s console beta reeled in an impressive amount of players, with 600,000 participants trying the futuristic shooter out.

Ubisoft detailed the statistics of the beta test, which are as follows (via MP1st):

  • 1,706,013 hours played
  • 2,387,377 melee kills
  • 3,021,628,150 bullets shot
  • 3,040 level-50 players
  • 9,816,310 data hacks
  • 16,101,668 long-range kills
  • 99,474,068 kills
  • Average lifetime for a player: 54 seconds

Ubisoft’s soon-to-be-released title is set in the near future where a bomb has killed a Ghost team. Another team is sent to locations such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway tasked with tracking down the source of the dirty bomb.

Following several delays over the course of the past few years, Ghost Recon Future Soldier will finally launch this Tuesday at North American retailers. European territories will receive the shooter on Friday.