[Update] Namco Delays Inversion to July Release Window In EU

May 25, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

[Update] We have just been notified that the July release window for Inversion applies to Europe only. The game will still arrive on June 5th in North America.

Namco Bandai’s upcoming shooter Inversion has been officially delayed to July, as the development team needs some extra time to polish the game up before release.

The game is being developed by the guys at Saber Interactive and was supposed to launch on June 5th. Considering that is the same date that marks the beginning of E3, we’d have to agree with their decision to push the game back a month, as the release would undoubtedly get drowned out by all the chaos that E3 will inevitably cause.

This isn’t the first time the game has been delayed however, as Inversion saw a prior setback just a few months ago. Hopefully this most recent delay is no cause for alarm as the team puts the finishing touches on their unique, gravity-defying shooter.

A statement from Saber regarding the game’s original delay said the following:

The extra development time for Inversion affords the team the opportunity to create an enjoyable and engaging third-person shooter experience with a comprehensive multiplayer component, including extensive competitive and co-operative modes.