PSLS’ Ultimate Sony E3 2012 Wishlist

May 25, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

E3 is right around the corner, so we here at PSLS are as excited as a bunch of kittens and crack. To help relieve some of the tension, we’ve come up with our ultimate E3 wishlist for Sony’s 2012 conference.

The rules of the wishlist are simple – we each chose three games or announcements we’d love to see, with the only clause being that they have to technically be possible, and not titles from another console manufaturer like Mario or Halo.

Sebastian Moss, Managing Editor:

  1. The Getaway – this is a franchise that sold millions, had a strong fanbase, and wasn’t set in New York, San Fran or L.A. So, instead of doing the logical thing and making more of the games, Sony shelved the title and focused on EyePet… I’ll forgive Sony if they bring back the franchise.
  2. Speaking of SCE London, how about a follow up to Dropship: United Peace Force? You might not have heard it if you’re in the US, as SCEA didn’t even bother publishing the game and left it to BAM! Entertainment. Despite being a complete flop, the game was awesome, and deserving of a followup that truly realized the dropshipping-from-space aspect that the first game was unable to live up to.
  3. Sure, Rockstar might be working on GTAV and Red Dead Revolution, but what I really want is Bully 2. Bully (or Canis Canem Edit as I knew it) rocked. There’s still nothing like it, so I would kill to see a new Bully on this generation (or next) of consoles.

Nicholas Michetti, PSLS Daytime News Writer:

  1. A new Metal Gear on PS3, Vita, or both – Kojima Productions’ stealth action series hasn’t seen a new installment in quite a while and is always a highlight of PlayStation console libraries.
  2. inFAMOUS 3 and/or inFAMOUS Vita – inFAMOUS is a fun, action-packed, open-world franchise that doesn’t disappoint. More games on PS3, Vita, or both would be great.
  3. Ratchet & Clank Vita – Sony could use a new major platformer on the Vita and new Ratchet & Clank would certainly help. The series had a standout game with its last PS3 release, A Crack In Time. Even if R&C Vita was A Crack In Time 2, Ratchet fans would pick it up without hesitation.

Anthony Severino, Editor-in-Chief:

  1. The Last Guardian: Enough already, I want me some Team ICO. I fear if it’s not ready soon, it’ll either be too late in the PS3’s life for it to have much impact, or it’ll eventually be killed off.
  2. New Hideo Kojima Exclusive for PlayStation Vita: I’m not talking Kojima Productions, I’m talking actual Hideo Kojima hands-on producer and director for a whole new, genre-defining experience on the PlayStation Vita that actually makes all of the Vita’s feature seem useful and underused.
  3. Guerrilla Games New IP: Killzone 3 meets Skyrim. Rumors talked of Guerrilla making an fantasy-style first-person game based on magic. I can’t tell you how much I’d rather see this than a new Killzone title from them.

Dan Oravasaari, PSLS Daytime News Writer:

  1. Mirrors Edge 2, I know it has been rumored but I think it is one of the few games that has pushed the first person genre forward.
  2. Syphon Filter Reboot – Another series that has been rumored to be in-development, but has yet to be pushed into the limelight. With the release of the Vita and the success that previous SF titles have seen on the PSP, It seems that a new game is only a matter of time. Sadly, I would much rather have this as a full PS3 release, even though I do not see this as a likelihood.
  3. Monster Hunter – Again, another likely title that will see a Vita release, but would much rather have as a full PS3 release.
  4. Halo 4 – Mainly just because I dont like listening to Seb’s “rules”

Vivas Kaul, PSLS Daytime News Writer:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Exclusives: I would love to see some episodic content for the game be a timed exclusive for the PS3 much like Lost and the Damned was on the 360. Of course, this also assumes that GTAV makes an appearance at E3 this year.
  2. The Last of Us Release Date: I would love to see a concrete release date for this, but considering Naughty Dog’s release schedule, and the fact that the game is coming out this year, I imagine that they’ll say it’ll be out in November.
  3. Metal Gear Solid: Revengence: I seriously want to know what the hell is going on with this game. Is it still being developed, is Kojima going to release it. Seriously, what’s up?

Cameron Teague, Podcaster:

  1. More RPGs for the Vita – One of the best things about the PSP were the amount of good RPGs for the handheld.  Now it is the Vita’s turn and with what we hope to be a huge focus on Vita software at E3, this would be the perfect time to unvail Valkyria Chronicles Collection (all three titles) on the Vita, Suikoden VI, Persona 5, Final Fantasy Type 0, and oh man, who am I kidding?
  2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII Goes Mutliplatform – Now before you start beating down my door just hear me out. A lot of us are getting tired of waiting on this game and maybe a multiplatform announcement is just what this game needs to get the motor churning and might actually give us a release faster. Final Fantasy XIII went multiplatform and it has released and then gave way to a sequel, all while Versus has gone MIA. So just let go of the suspense, make it multiplatform and let’s get this game out before it reaches Duke Nukem levels of ridiculous.
  3. Less Talk, more Rock – What I mean by this is that I want less talking and fronting from Sony and more DOING. Cut out the numbers talk, no one cares about it to be honest. Get on stage, click your little pointer and show us the goods.  Trailers, announcements, gameplay, excitement behind every corner.  This is what the fans and a lot of us in the media want to see.

Alex Osborn, PSLS Daytime News Writer:

  1. Quantic Dream’s New Title – David Cage blew us away with his “Kara” demo at GDC, proving that there’s still plenty of untapped power hidden under the hood of the PS3. The studio’s prior titles Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain pushed the envelope for what games can be, so I can’t wait to see how they plan to take it one step further.
  2. Jak 4 – We know that Naughty Dog has officially moved on from the franchise, but I’m holding out hope that Sony has brought on another team to take over… Bend Studio perhaps? Sanzaru Games took over development responsibilities from Sucker Punch on the Sly franchise, so it’s certainly a possibility.
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3 – Tetsuya Nomura has been teasing fans for quite a while now and we haven’t seen a proper installment since 2006, so KH3 is long overdue. I’m tired of convoluted portable spinoffs, give us the good stuff, Square!

Daniel Bischoff, Game Revolution News Editor:

  1. The Last Guardian: Just release it already. You’ve taken so long and the development has clearly been quite rocky. Give us a product we can actually play.
  2. Remote play on Vita for a vast majority of the PS3 catalog. With the rear touch panel, the Vita has every button needed to simulate a PS3 controller. If I’m in my own home this should be a reality.
  3. More exclusive content for third party releases on the PS3: It gets so easy to pick between versions of a third-party game when I know I can get a new character or an exclusive mission on the PS3 over the 360.

What would you love to see at Sony’s E3 conference? Let us know in the comments below!