Class of Heroes II To Receive PSN Fall Release For PSP & Vita

May 31, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Class of Heroes II will be released on PSN this fall for Sony handhelds.

MonkeyPaw Games and GAIJINWORKS have announced that Japanese RPG Class of Heroes II will be released in North America for both PSP and PlayStation Vita platforms this fall, featuring full localization.

John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games, said:

We’re committed to fulfilling our promise of bringing both Japanese import and classic experiences to the Western game community. Class of Heroes II is a shining example of the fine lineage of Japanese RPGs that need to see our shores. This series has been very successful in Japan and now our fans can play in an extremely well-done localization. We’re also very fortunate to have the full support of Acquire Corp. in publishing this elevated sequel to a vastly underrated dungeon crawler series.

Victor Ireland, President of GAIJINWORKS, said:

Class of Heroes II is designed to appeal to new and old fans alike. Fans of the original Class of Heroes will be surprised at just how much has been improved from the first game. The gameplay is significantly streamlined. Players coming to the game for the first time will be entranced by a fully-realized fantasy world with great, quirky characters (like the Professor of Alchemy and Cosplay). It offers fun, challenging gameplay with a storyline that’s enjoyable even if you haven’t played the first game.

To view the gameplay trailer, click on the video below:

To view screenshots (PSP version) and artwork released for the game, click on the Media Gallery below:

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