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Rumor: FF Versus XIII to be Renamed Final Fantasy XV, No Longer PS3-Exclusive

May 31, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Gamers who have been patiently waiting for the release of Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be in for a bit of a shock, as the long awaited Square RPG may in fact be getting a re-branding.

According to MCV, a leaked video (below) that was taken from a Square Enix pre-E3 press briefing reveals that Tetsuya Nomura’s long awaited Final Fantasy XIII spin-off is actually going to serve as the 15th proper installment in the franchise. Not only that, but it appears that the game will be no longer be a PS3 exclusive, as the game is believed to be coming to the Wii U as well.

While it is certainly possible that the video could be completely bogus (especially as no new gameplay is shown), the fact that both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 have now come and gone, makes one think it would be a smart move on Square’s part to turn Versus XIII into a completely new, standalone experience that is set in its own unique universe. After all, what little footage we’ve seen thus far doesn’t appear to parallel all that much of Lightning’s story anyway.

Let us know what you think about the possible name change in the comments below.