Sports Champions 2 Announced For PS3, Adds New Sports

May 31, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

With Sports Champions being one of the only decent PlayStation Move titles out there, we’re pleased to report that Sony has announced a sequel for the motion controlled sports game.

On the PS Blog, Sports Champions is described as a “multi-million unit-seller” (although it was bundled with the Move starter pack in the US), so the game is one of the only success stories on the sub-platform. Sports Champions 2, which is being developed by San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games, will include an expanded sports lineup of Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and a fully updated Archery experience

Sports Champions 2 includes single-player Cup Play, Free Play mode and arcade Challenge rounds. An all-new Party Play mode allows you to play matches from any combination of events, including Challenge Rounds, and add up your score to see who wins. Three-point PS Move calibration will no longer required, player avatars can be created and customized per event and a new profile system enables will allow multiple people to use their own avatars and settings. The photo booth is apparently also more customizable and easier to use.

Sports Champions 2 is set to release on the PS3 “this fall”.