EA and UFC Officially Partnering for MMA Games

June 4, 2012Written by Vivas Kaul

In a major surprise it looks like EA and the UFC have finally squashed the beef that they had over MMA games. UFC president Dana White walked on stage to announce alongside EA that the UFC and EA have entered into a multi-title deal to make MMA games. 

The exact number of titles or the duration of the contract has not been specified, but it would appear that the gulf between EA Sports MMA and the UFC Undisputed titles has been bridged. While this is good news for fans of sports games it could further underscore some of the financial difficulties occurring at THQ, as they were the developer for the Undisputed franchise. Meanwhile, the new MMA title from EA and UFC is still as of yet unannounced. I’m probably the only MMA fan writing for the site, and I can say that while I feel for THQ, I’m excited to see what EA brings to the UFC license.

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Joystiq also reports that THQ told them that the publisher reached an agreement with EA for an “undisclosed cash payment.”