New J.K. Rowling Work “Book of Spells” Coming to Sony’s Augmented Reality Wonderbook Platform

June 4, 2012Written by Vivas Kaul

I don’t think that any of us doubted that books are a physical medium, but Sony has created a new technology that combines normal everyday books with AR via the PlayStation Eye and PS Move. This is part of Sony’s new technology called Wonderbook. But Sony isn’t just using the charm of a new technology as the main selling point, as author J.K. Rowling – author of the much beloved Harry Potter franchise – is also writing a story for the new tech called Book of Spells.

The Wonderbook demo utilized the PlayStation Move as well as special AR books. For the stage demo, Sony showed off the Book of Spells demo. Book of Spells is written as though it were a real Hogwarts text book, so players can learn to use spells the way the children within the Harry Potter books would. It’s difficult to say at this stage whether this is going to be an amazingly novel form of technology that will take off, or if this is just a way for Sony to extend the life of the Move. Either way, who this particular technology is targeted at seems, at least at the moment, to be young children. However, with the right books could this be something that more mature players will find fun? Guess we’ll have to see. In the meantime, keep it locked to PSLS for the latest on this and other stories as E3 continues.

For more on the Wonderbook check out this trailer: