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PlayStation Suite Partners with HTC, Re-branded PlayStation Mobile

June 4, 2012Written by Cameron Teague

Sony has announced at E3 2012 that the PlayStation Suite is getting a face-lift and a new partner. The change comes in the form of a new name, as the Suite has been dropped and is now named PlayStation Mobile. Sony has also partnered with HTC to bring out Mobile certified phones, marking the first time the certification has come to a third party phone.

No phones were mentioned during the conference but the new HTC One X was held up by Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, as an example. When PlayStation Suite was first announced, it focused on Sony Ericsson devices (and later Sony devices). The switch to a third-party could mean huge changes for the program that went in Beta this past April.

With nothing concrete on just how PlayStation Mobile will work with HTC or what devices it will work on, we are left to speculate, which you can do in the comments below. Stick to PlayStation LifeStyle as E3 continues for more great coverage.