Quantic Dream Registers “Beyond” Site, Rumors Point to it Being Their Next PS3 Game

June 4, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Sony’s E3 conference is only a few hours away, but we don’t want to wait until then to find out what Quantic Dream is working on next.

MCV reports that the next game will be called Beyond and appear at E3. Beyond “will be narrative based and use motion-captured actors to give a sense of real-world immersion”. But as rumors are simply rumors, we did a little digging, and sure enough – beyondps3.com is owned by Quantic Dream:



56, boulevard DAVOUT

Paris, Paris, 75020


Domain name: beyondps3.com

Of course, we still don’t know anything about the game, only its platform, so stay tuned to PSLS to find out more.