Sony: PS3 Has a Long Way to go Due to New Innovations

June 7, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Despite Sony themselves confirming that PlayStation 4 games are in active development, the company has said new innovations for the platform shows that the console has a long way to go.

The PS3 is currently in its sixth year within its decade-long life cycle, and, according to Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan’s, it seems that the firm will be staying true to the console’s projected 10 year life cycle:

What struck me listening to the conference was the sheer amount of innovation – at our conference at least. I think that’s really indicative of a platform that’s got a long way to go yet.

Jack Tretton recently said Sony is never first in terms of releasing a dedicated console to the market, and they’re also “not the cheapest”.

Microsoft are expected to announce the Xbox 360’s successor during E3 next year, which would presumably confirm a fall 2013 launch for the console. However, if Ryan’s words are anything to go by, Sony may be releasing the PS3’s follow up in 2014 at the very least, as originally expected.

As for the confirmation of PS4 games being in development, Ryan stressed the fact that he did not agree Sony’s first-party studios are preoccupied with work on titles for the next-gen platform.