Square Enix’s Luminous Engine Geared Towards RPGs

June 7, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Square Enix’s recently showcased next-gen Luminous engine is predominately designed for RPGs.

The studio’s head, Yoichi Wada, said during an interview with Famitsu on the engine (via Andriasang) that Luminous will be utilized mainly for their RPGs and action RPGs:

We aren’t thinking about selling the engine externally. There’s no mistake that Luminous Studio is an engine made with the view of producing RPGs like the past Final Fantasy games. But not just that – it has a broad reach, from games with high action to games without high action.

Wada said Luminous is geared towards specific types of games but the engine isn’t associated with any certain games just yet. However, he did hint at the fact that won’t be the case by the end of year.

The intricate first demo for Luminous can be viewed below: