We Still Want RAGE to Become a Big Franchise – Bethesda

June 8, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Bethesda has said they still believe in id Software’s RAGE, and intends to turn the IP into a big franchise.

Marketing boss Pete Hines explained to Eurogamer:

We’re looking at doing some things with Rage. But obviously the first thing out of anybody’s lips now when we talk about id is not, hey, what else is up with Rage? They’re asking the question they’ve been asking for five years, six years, seven years, which is, where’s Doom 4? What about Doom 4? As far as where we are with Rage, the future for that is still TBD.

Bethesda has yet to release sales figures for RAGE, which launches during the October of 2011. However, it’s reassuring to see a publisher – especially as big as Bethesda – keeping faith in an IP and supporting it despite the possibility of a lackluster commercial performance.

As for the rumors regarding Doom 4‘s development being cancelled, id Software is still working on the shooter, confirmed Hines.