Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Preview (PSN)

June 11, 2012Written by Dan Oravasaari

On August 21st, console gamers are finally going to have a chance to see one of the most popular shooters to ever exist, and its only going to cost them $15. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an upgraded console version of the highly regarded PC shooter that has built a following of millions of gamers from around the globe will be hitting the PS3 in two months.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not the much requested sequel to the franchise, but is instead a modernized console variation. The biggest concern that most PC gamers will have is how well does this PC shooter will convert into a console product. Well luckily Valve has implemented not only DualShock 3 support, but mouse and keyboard, as well as plans to include PS Move capabilities. So controls should not be an issue, as even playing with the DS3 was a very solid experience.

Having played Counter-Strike for years, I know how important the smallest factor can change the dynamic of a players style. Luckily, the latest build shown at E3 2012, showed some of the more significant changes over the last few PC releases. The button layout on the DS3 placed the knife and accessories on L1 while using Triangle to switch primary and secondary weapons. This layout is awkward at first, but it becomes intuitive once you get a fair amount of playtime in. Quick scoping snipers have always been a source of conflict in numerous shooters, and Counter-Strike has not been immune to this, as Valve have had to add a very minimal blur effect once the player scopes in. The change is visible, but does not completely prevent an AWP from being able to drop a whole team, if placed in the correct hands. Since “bunny-hoping” on a DS3 is about as hard as it sounds, I was unable to test it. Yet, when asked, a Valve representative simply stated that it is not there, “but there was a little bit of free roaming”. The only other significant change is the ability to get a 1 shot kill from a primary attack with the knife, if attacking an opponent from behind.

The inventory system has also seen an overhaul that makes a number of other notable changes. Such as, instead of being able to carry 2 flash bangs and 1 HE grenade, you will only be able to carry 1 of each type available. On top of the inventory modifications, there will be 8 new usable weapons. One such weapon could become a source of controversy – the Zeus Taser, an accessory that has only one charge, but is a short-range one shot kill.

There will be a few new official modes for players to try out, and one of the new modes will be familiar to some, Arsenal mode (aka Gun Game). This comes in two flavors, Arms Race – A mode that has players obtaining a new weapon with each kill, eventually cycling through all 26 guns, ending with the knife. With the other version being a team based match, that has better player use weaker weapons the better they do, which is supposed balance itself out, as players who are under performing are going to have stronger weapons than those who are doing well.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a title that Valve cannot afford to mess up, and from the latest build it seems that they has exceeded all expectations. By including new weapons, new modes, new maps, and releasing for under $20, it will be hard to find a valid reason to not pick up this title. Once August comes around, stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for a full review if you are still unsure if this a must buy.