Sony Execs Express Their Contentment With Current Vita Performance

June 13, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

While many believe the PS Vita is currently in shaky waters, the heads at Sony remain confident in the handheld, expressing their contentment with the way the device has performed thus far.

Scott Rohde, the senior VP of product development at Sony confessed to Joystiq that, while yes, it would be nice if the hardware was performing better, Vita sales are still on track and will only improve thanks to their upcoming lineup of compelling software.

So, we think that it’s certainly on the rise. Still doing well. Would we like it to do better? Of course. And we’re doing everything we can in terms of providing great new content – sixty titles next year – to ensure that that will happen. There are a lot of other bigger and smaller things that we just haven’t announced yet.

Sony’s hardware marketing head John Koller also addressed the current state of the PlayStation Vita, assuring Kotaku that they’re right on track.

Right now we’re on forecast to where we thought the platform would be. We knew there was a market. Our research pointed over the last four years of creating it that there was a market. We still absolutely believe that.

If you’re a Vita owner, let us know in the comments below whether or not you’re satisfied with the platform’s current offerings. For those of you that don’t own the handheld, comment with what Sony needs to do to sell you on the device.