Sony has no Plans to Drop Vita Price Soon, No “Need for a Re-Look”

June 19, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Much like the 3DS, the PlayStation Vita has seen an incredibly slow start the few months following its launch. However, it doesn’t look like Sony has any plans to drop the handheld’s price in an effort to jumpstart sales like Nintendo did last year with their device.

In an interview with MCV, SCE boss Andrew House explained Sony’s position after being asked whether or not they plan to make a price drop on the hardware akin to Nintendo’s move with the 3DS.

I don’t think there has been a need for a re-look. We are in what is a very competitive space. I think we need to put more emphasis on the kinds of experiences that define and differentiate Vita. That is always going to be one of its objectives. But there needs to be a reinforcement on that. 

But also, because it is for us the first truly networked portable device in our proprietary gaming space, there is a need to think more broadly about the implications of that for our business model, and to think about how the consumer wants to acquire content. 

Sorry guys, but it looks like all of you patiently waiting for the Vita to see an official price drop will be without one for quite a while. Fortunately however, Amazon often runs sales (like this one last week) so be sure to keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle for Vita sale news and everything PlayStation-related.