Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider’s Future: “It’s Not Just One Game”

June 27, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

While Crystal Dynamics is fleshing out the origins of Lara Croft in their upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, they aren’t stopping there, as plans for future installments already appear to be in the works.

Speaking to Videogamer in a recent interview, global brand director Karl Stewart confirmed that there are definitely more adventures planned for Lara following their 2013 release, saying, “I have to be careful because I know exactly where she’s going… You have to look at the future, you have to look at where… It’s not just one game.”

Stewart went on to add that this first title is serving as a sort of foundation that will prepare Lara for all of the intense action and tomb raiding she’ll be doing in the subsequent games.

At the end of this game we want her to be that strong female character that is willing to go and seek out mysteries and seek out tombs. She’s going to be going to plenty of tombs in this game, but we’re going to have somebody who wants to go on that adventure, who wants to be the person that she now is. That’s the goal.

If you didn’t catch the news yesterday, the studio confirmed that actress Camilla Luddington is officially the new voice of Lara Croft going forward. Look for the game when it arrives in stores this coming March.