Two Roster Fighters, Stage, and Photo Mode Announced For Dead or Alive 5

June 28, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Tecmo Koei has announced two fighters for the roster of Dead or Alive 5, in addition to a stage and a Photo Mode for the game.

The first new roster member is DOA veteran Bass, Tina’s overprotective father and a fighter with a pro wrestling background who’s considered the strongest man in the Dead or Alive series.

The other new roster member is brand new character Rig, “The Fighter Without A Past,” who doesn’t know his name or where he’s come from. His name was given to him by colleagues, as he was found on an oil rig that now is his home. Rig has mastered the fundamentals of taekwondo and expanded his moves to become his own signature style, which features moves that have never been seen before.

Bass and Rig have bouts in the video below in a new stage called “Fuel,” which is set on an isolated offshore oil platform and has multiple levels and environmental dangers. The level has three distinct areas, in addition to breakable floors and railings. As the fight intensifies, oil tanks and pipes explode on contact, which creates new Danger Zones for players to use against their opponents as flames engulf the platform.

As for Photo Mode, players can use it to capture their favorite battle moments and can adjust camera angle and zoom. Players can utilize the mode in player vs. CPU matches or in player vs. player replays. (Photo Mode may be available in other situations, but those were the only two mentioned.)

To view the “Bass and Rig” video vignette, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the game, stills, character art, and two screenshots from Photo Mode, click on the Media Gallery below:

DOA5 will release for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 25th. For those interested in pre-ordering the game, Tecmo Koei recently announced the game’s retailer pre-order bonuses and Collector’s Edition.

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