Ubisoft: Players “Clamouring” For Titles Such as Splinter Cell: Blacklist

July 1, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Ubisoft has stated that players are apparently “really hungry” for action-adventure-oriented titles such as Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Game director for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Patrick Redding, told GameReactor the action-adventure market is what players are “clamouring for”, with the aforementioned title apparently being a prime example of the quality the genre can offer to consumers:

Fans are clamouring for it. They’re really hungry for it. I think something that we’re seeing is there’s been a real renaissance in action-adventure. And I think that we’re able to take a lot of the unique features of the Splinter Cell world and really embrace that opportunity.

Players would like to have this kind of taut experience in a realistically rendered world, with a really good storyline, and with a hero who is lethal and efficient whose shoes they can step into. And I think we’ve got all three of those things.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is currently scheduled for a release sometime during spring, 2013.