Awesomenauts Update To Include Balance Adjustment, New Characters, New Prestige Levels & More

July 11, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

An update is coming for multiplayer shooter Awesomenauts that makes some noteworthy changes.

On the PS Blog, Ronimo Games Producer Robin Meijer announced that the first major update for Awesomenauts is almost ready to be released, although he did not specify a date for the update.

First, Meijer mentioned that the update will include balance adjustments with stat changes (some characters have been buffed and nerfed), in addition to unspecified skill and item changes.

However, balance adjustments aren’t the only upgrades to the game, as the update will add two new characters to the game for free. The characters are Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork. Nebulon is the game’s first female character, a space-surfer from Okeanos, who has a skill called Ball Lightning. Ball Lightning “moves through everything” and can be detonated at the press of a button. She can deal damage to “chasers” via a trail of slowing, damaging lightning particles. Nebulon may have the advantage against moving enemies, but is not so lucky against more stationary foes.

Derpl Zork’s primary special skill is to turn his Combat Walker into a static turret with a heavy cannon capable of inflicting massive damage on his enemies. The skill’s disadvantage is that he’s stuck in place until he transforms back. However, Zork’s being stuck in place can be offset by the use of ensnaring traps, which he places around him on the battlefield. In Turret mode, though, the Trap skill will change into the ability to launch a large, homing nuke that deals massive area of effect (AOE) damage.

Finally, the update adds five more prestige levels.

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