BioWare Details “Earth” Multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3

July 11, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

The recently outed “Earth” multiplayer expansion coming to Mass Effect 3 has finally been detailed by BioWare.

The DLC will include a total of three new maps, including the N7 training facility Firebase Rio, Firebase Vancouver and Firebase London. There will also be a fresh new set of characters to choose from, some of which are the N7 Destroyer Soldier, N7 Sentinel Paladin and N7 Fury Adept.

A slew of new weapons will be added to satisfy those trigger-happy fingers of yours, featuring an arsenal made up of the N7 Piranha Shotgun, N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle and Acolyte Pistol. The list of new content continues with more upgrades, an added “Platinum” difficulty and a new in-mission objective. Needless to say, there’s plenty of content here to make the download worth your while.

As previously rumored, this DLC pack will be available next week on July 17th. Will this new batch of content reel you back into Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.