Gaikai Boss Plans to Preserve Core Focus on Games for PlayStation Platforms

July 12, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

David Perry, the head of cloud gaming service Gaikai shared his thoughts on the PlayStation brand and the importance of maintaining a strong focus on games.

Among the three major console manufacturers, many would argue that Sony has maintained its focus on the core gamer better than both Microsoft and Nintendo, and Perry wants to keep that tradition going now that Sony is purchasing his cloud gaming service.

During the Develop conference in Brighton earlier this morning, Perry was asked what he thought about the future of consoles, to which he replied:

I’ve been saying for a long time – and this is not my opinion post-Sony, this is my opinion period – is I don’t think the consoles are going to be called consoles any more. There have been little signs of it coming. You probably saw in the last generation of advertising, Sony’s was, ‘it only does everything,’ they’re turning into media hubs. You can see Microsoft has been doing the same. 

So, ultimately consoles are making a play for the living room and their competition is becoming Tivo and all the other media hubs – everything that’s trying to plug into a TV.

Bearing that inevitable transition in mind, Perry emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong focus on games so as not to lose the core gamer in the process. “You need to hit it out of the park on gaming. If it does other stuff that’s cool. But the core is what it’s all about,” he explained. “So my focus would be, it’s just got to make the most badass games possible. That’s certainly what my push will be inside the company.”

Well Mr. Perry, we’re glad to hear it.