Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Footage Leaks Online

July 16, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

If you’ve been looking forward to Danger Close’s upcoming followup to Medal of Honor, we’ve got something very special for you, as leaked multiplayer footage from the game’s alpha has hit the web.

The leaked footage gives you an extensive look at a handful of the game’s weapons, but keep in mind that this is alpha footage, so what you see below may not be an accurate representation of the final product.


Additional details including a full breakdown of the game’s arsenal, support actions and class abilities have all been compiled by MP1st, which has been included below.

US Navy Seal Sniper

  • Class Ability: Recon Stance -> supports sniper on surface (like bipod)
  • Grenade Type: Proximity Mine
  • Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle (Default = TAC 300)
  • Support Actions: Switchblade – Smoke Screen, 81mm Mortar – Fire Team Replenish, ?? – ??

Polish GROM Assaulter

  • Class Ability : Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = HK416)
  • Support Actions: Cluster Bomb – RQ-7 Shadow, 60mm Mortar – Smoke Screen, Guided Missile – Fire Team Replenish

SFODD Demolitons

  • Class Ability: Tank Stance -> Heavy Armor, Slower Movement
  • Grenade Type: Remote Charge
  • Weapon Class: Shotgun (Default = AA12)
  • Support Actions: M32 – Smoke Screen, SMAW – ??, ?? – ??

Canadian JTF2 Heavy Gunner

  • Class Ability : Support Stance -> Bipod
  • Grenade Type: Mini Frags
  • Weapon Class: Might Machine Gun (Default = M249)
  • Support Actions: Blackhawk Transport – Smoke Screen, Mk19 – Fire Team Replenish, MH-60L DAP Blackhawk – RQ-7 Shadow

Australian SRS Point Man

  • Class Ability : Heavy Hitters -> more damage and recoil
  • Grenade Type: Flashbang
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = F88)
  • Support Actions: RQ-11 Raven – Smoke Screen, Airbust Mortar – Fire Team Replenish, AH-61 Little Bird – RQ-7 Shadow

USOG Spec Ops

  • Class Ability : Heat Vision -> see enemies through walls
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Sub Machine Gun (Default = MP7)
  • Support Actions: Dragon Fire – Fire Team Replenish, A10 Warthog – R/Q Shadow, Radar Jammer – Smoke Screen

What do you think of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter footage? Will it be able to compete with the likes of Battlefield 3 and the upcoming shooter behemoth that is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Sound off with your throughs in the comments below.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to release on October 23rd. If you like what you see and want to get caught up on all things Warfighter, be sure to check out this stunning gameplay trailer and this batch of gorgeous screens.