Check Out the First 15 Minutes of Sleeping Dogs

July 17, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

We were quite impressed with what we saw of United Front Games’ open world crime title Sleeping Dogs at E3, and the latest footage of the game only has us dying to play even more.

Square Enix has just released the first fifteen minutes of the game, but be warned, this dark action title isn’t for the faint of heart. The streets of Hong Kong are clearly a dangerous place to be and it’s up to detective Wei Shen, who’s working as an undercover cop, to bring down a dangerous Triad organization.

Check out the first chunk of the game below.

Sleeping Dogs is shaping up to be one of the sleeper hits of 2012. I really hope that enough people take notice of this game’s fantastic setting and addictive combat. Get ready to tear it up on the streets of Hong Kong, because the game’s August 14th release date will be here before you know it.