PSN Avatars’ “Extremely Long” Approval Process, Little Return Detailed By Capcom

July 18, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

PSN Avatars are few and far between, with requests for even the simplest avatar of a popular game character going unheeded. Capcom has now spoken out about the process involved in getting avatars approved, and how it takes several months for anything to happen with little return.

Stuart Turner, Capcom UK’s head of marketing, talked about the issue on the Capcom forum:

Something’s take a long time for very little return. So they are not prioritised.

Avatars is one of these, without sharing confidential information of our first party partners there is an extremely long process that involves localising large reams of data in 12 languages in the submissions process. There are no shortcuts and the whole process can last several months from start to finish.

It’s very time heavy and simply put we don’t have the staff to make this 100% priority ahead of getting a game out of the door and on the shelves.

The good news is that there is a large batch of avatars going through the process as we speak, whether they’re the ones you want however…

It’s bizarre to think something as simple as Avatars are so troublesome to get processed, and you’d think Sony would try to cut down on the needless paperwork involved. Luckily, however, it does seem we have some Capcom Avatars to look forward to.