Rubenstein Sits Down With David Cage and Ellen Page at Comic-Con, Video Interview Inside

July 19, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Senior social media manager at PlayStation, Jeff Rubenstein, spoke with both David Cage and Ellen Page about Quantic Dream’s upcoming interactive drama Beyond: Two Souls.

While we’ve already heard quite a bit from the two of them at Comic-Con, they had even more to share with Rubenstein following the convention’s Beyond: Two Souls panel. If you’re anything like me and the rest of the PSLS crew, the more information on this game, the better.

In the interview, Hollywood actress Ellen Page shares discusses her experience in working on the game and her feelings on the industry as a whole. And of course, we hear from Cage (yet again) on how perfectly Page embodies the character of Jodie.

See all this and more below.

Beyond: Two Souls is set to launch sometime next year exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Will the acting talent of Ellen Page help Cage’s latest story surpass 2009’s Heavy Rain? Sound off with your thoughts below.