EA Canada Vice President Joins THQ as Executive VP of Production

July 23, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Ron Moravek, the former VP and COO of EA Canada has just been appointed the executive vice president of production role at THQ.

Moravek has been in the video game business for quite sometime, after co-founding and serving as COO of Relic Entertainment some fourteen years ago. Interestingly enough, he worked as THQ’s general manager back in 2006 after negotiating Relic’s sale to the publisher. He later moved to work at EA Canada, but will now be working back at THQ, reporting directly to the newly appointed president Jason Rubin. With regard to the appointment of Moravek, Rubin had the following to say:

Ron is an exceptional development executive with unique perspective on the industry from both a creative and business point of view. His entrepreneurial experience as well as his ability to drive dynamic teams is a great fit for our strategic objectives. Additionally, Ron’s experience building high-quality products will help us continue to deliver great games and build upon our foundation to innovate digitally in the future.

Moravek had a few things to say about his new position as well, adding:

I am thrilled to be re-joining THQ and to be working with Jason and the development teams around the world to deliver high-quality games and digitally connected experiences. There are many exciting changes affecting the videogame industry today, and I look forward to building new games and experiences with Jason and the team at THQ.