GameStop Offering Free 4GB Memory Card, Game With PS Vita Purchase

Sebastian Moss

We’ve talked about our hatred of the Vita’s overpriced memory sticks multiple times, so now we’re pleased to report that Gamestop are giving out a free 4GB as well as a game with every Vita purchase.

Of course, we’re not that happy about 4GB cards either, but it’s a start at making the Vita more attractive. As part of their “GameStock” promotion, you can get a WiFi or 3G Vita for $249.99 or $299.99 respectively, and they’ll chuck in a 4GB mem card worth $24.99 and one of four games – Resistance: Burning Skies, MLB 12: The Show, Unit 13 or Gravity Rush – for free.

While E3 lacked any real Vita announcements, Sony has promised that more is on the way, so hopefully Vita games will take the center stage at gamescom next month.

Will you take advantage of this deal? And if not, what would convince you to buy a Vita if you haven’t already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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