Japanese Gamers Report Issues With Overheating Vitas

July 25, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

The Japanese government is currently looking into reports from gamers claiming that their PS Vita has suffered from severe overheating while charging.

Sony has submitted a total of 31 reports of this issue to the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation. 23 of these reports come directly from gamers in Japan, while the remaining eight instances come from North America, the UK and Australia.

A representative from Sony told the Japanese paper Yomiuri that these instances of product failure are not at the fault of the hardware, but rather likely due to moisture on the chargers. As such, there will be no product recall, and those with damaged chargers will have to pay to get them fixed.

So take this as a pre-emptive warning. Keep all liquids as far away from your Vita as possible, and make sure there’s no moisture on your charger before you plug it into your Vita.