Pachter: Vita is “Too Expensive” Despite Being a “Good Value”

July 27, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has shared his thoughts on why the Vita’s sales have been less than stellar, pointing to its high price point as the major deterrence for consumers.

In an interview with VG247, Pachter explained that because the PS Vita is virtually the same price as a PS3, it’s a hard sell, even though the device is worth the expensive point of entry. “Vita’s too expensive for most, priced pretty much the same as the PS3 everywhere. While I think the Vita is a good value and a great device, when compared to the PS3 it’s pretty expensive,” he said.

He also went on to point out the obvious fact that software sells hardware, and since the Vita has a very limited lineup of compelling titles, it’s a hard sell. “Also, there is not much of a library of Vita games, so sales will probably be slow until we see more content.”

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