Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution Voice Actor Video Viral Marketing For A New Game?

July 31, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

A video has emerged of a voice actor from Deus Ex: Human Revolution acting strangely. Is it viral marketing for a new game?

In a recent YouTube video, Stephen Shellen — the voice actor who portrayed protagonist Adam Jensen’s boss David Sarif in Deus Ex: HR — is shown appearing to be paranoid about some kind of conspiracy involving fruit flies.

Warning: The embedded video below contains NSFW language and viewer discretion is advised.

In the past, Shellen has mentioned the Illuminati numerous times during interviews. The Illuminati did play a role in Deus Ex: HR, which has fueled speculation that Shellen’s video is some kind of viral marketing for a new title in the series from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal.

Some edits were also made to Shellen’s Wikipedia page, which include adding the date of his death as being July 30th on the 28th, changing his active years to “1982-2012” and then again to “1982-[REDACTED],” changing one of his appearances from “Modern Girls” to “Modern Fruitflies,” adding a 2012 role in “Drosophila melanogaster” (fruit fly) as “Deceased Man,” and the addition of the (eventually removed) text “Icarus has found you” (a reference to the title of Deus Ex: HR‘s theme) See some of those edits here.

Other removed edits made to his page include:

  • The change of “Talking Walls” to “Talking Skeletons.”
  • The addition of the following text: “Found dead on July 30th, due to unknown reasons. Specks were found through out his house. There are no further plans to investigate”
  • The listing of a cause of death as a “pulmonary embolism.”
  • The addition of the following text: “While I am grateful of the generous birthday wishes, birthdays to me are inconsequential. Age does not define a man as his will to achieve his goals does. His withstanding of blood on his hands to make the right decisions. You see, it takes a better man to use a boxcutter to send the right message than to merely be an elder. Would you like our special honey barbecue dipping sauce with your bucket of crispy chicken thighs?”
  • The addition of the following text: “They’re going to kill me Adam, do something!”

Of note is that two of the IP addresses who made changes to the Wikipedia page were Australian and were using ISP “Adam Internet.” Other IP addresses were based in Texas and Washington DC, showing that numerous people are in on the ‘conspiracy’.

Does this content seem like viral marketing for a new Deus Ex to you?