Daily Random: This is the End

September 14, 2012 Written by Dan Oravasaari

Daily Random is an off topic piece for Daily Reaction, mostly for when Dan Oravasaari is out of commission, and/or when Sebastian Moss is sick. Read the final tale of this gripping trilogy of the Diary of NPCharles (Part 1, 2), and another entry for 2012’s gaming yearbook.

Dear Diary,

I saw myself die today. The stranger sliced me in two, life faded to black. And then? I was staring at the lake, Porky by my side.

Am I invincible? Do I live forever, outlasting all my friends, and perhaps even the stranger? I don’t know if I could live with that… but then, heh, I can’t not live with it.

I find myself asking whether this is it, whether this was all I was meant for, meant to do , meant to be? I just wish there was more to life. I want to do more, change the world around me, matter in the grand scheme of things, but I feel trapped. I can’t escape the prison of my mind. Is there someone out there with the answers?

Perhaps the lake will know.

-Norman Pincus Charles

Dan: Here’s another page in 2012’s Gaming Yearbook, this time with more stubble.

Most of you don’t read this far so we aren’t using this space today. Cheers 🙂