Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Getting Final Character Update Tomorrow

November 12, 2012Written by Chandler Wood

Fans of the Tekken franchise are in for a bit of a treat with tomorrow’s PSN Store update. The US PlayStation Blog  has announced that tomorrow will mark the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s digital version. The digital copy of the game will be launching at $49.99 so this might be a good time to grab the game if you have been holding off. That’s not all the Tekken news they had to offer though!

November 13th will also be Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s final character roster update. Seven additional fighters will be added to your character selection screen when you boot up the game, granted that you are connected to the Internet. The first three characters are fighters that haven’t seen the light of day in the current generation of hardware. Dr. Boskonovitch was last seen in Tekken 3, Unknown was previously in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and Violet was a combatant in Tekken 4. The developers are confident that fans will be excited with the changes and new move sets that have been given to each of these characters since the last time you played as them.

The remaining four characters are Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu. If these names sound familiar to players of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, that’s because these four fighters were originally pre-order bonuses. While this is exciting for a lot of people who didn’t get them, it may come as a slap in the face to the dedicated players who pre-ordered the game to get the exclusive characters. This is just another log on the fire to the growing trend that is ‘near-worthless pre-order bonuses‘.

With the addition of seven fighters, will you be picking up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 digitally tomorrow? If you pre-ordered, are you upset that your bonuses are now being released to the rest of the Tekkenverse? Let us know in the comments below.

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