Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite Ending: “The Most Ambitious Thing We’ve Ever Done In Our Careers”

December 7, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

With most of the gaming community recovering from the announcement this morning that BioShock Infinite was delayed another month for “boring stuff like polish and bug fixing“, you probably want to hear some good news about the game.

Well, in an interview with PC Gamer, Ken Levine of Irrational Games talked about the ending of BioShock Infinite:

I would say that the ending of the game is the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done in our careers as a company. It is either going to be something incredibly wonderful or people are going to burn down our office. We are very aware of that, we want to make sure this experience was the reason you say the end was very meaningful. So I can’t tell whether people will like it or not, I can tell you it is absolutely different to anything you’ve seen in a videogame.

Basically, even if the ending does happen to be terrible, it will at least be very memorable and something you’ve never experienced before in a game.

Feel free to let us know your wildest theories about what you expect to see at the end of BioShock Infinite in the comments below.

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