Best Character of 2012 Award

December 21, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Winner: Clementine

With graphics improving and better voice actors being used in games, characters are becoming more and more realistic, making stories all the more immersive. A great character is one that you remember and can believe as real, and The Walking Dead‘s Clementine is just such a character.

Children aren’t very common in mature titles (generally because gamers would try to kill them), but Telltale managed to pull off the innocent and scared Clementine perfectly. As the game was choice based, and your choices primarily influenced the emotions of those around you, how you interacted with your primary charge, Clementine, was incredibly powerful. Clementine will certainly be remembered by gamers for years to come.

Did you cut her hair?

Runners Up:

  • Claptrap
  • Corvo Attano
  • Vaas

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