Japan Not Hating Western-Developed Devil May Cry

January 9, 2013Written by Tony Wibowo

Many questioned Capcom’s decision to give the development duty of the Devil May Cry reboot to Ninja Theory, a Western developer. With its imminent release next week in the states, Famitsu assured the fans that the series is in good hands.

Famitsu magazine published its review of the first Western-developed Devil May Cry and giving it a decent score of 34 points out of 40.

Famitsu editor Ranbu Yoshida wrote: “the game’s core fun of using guns and swords and such to mow down foes is still there. The wild side of the Dante you see here really looms large, giving him a cool edge. Once you get used to the controls, which use the L and R buttons for different things, you’ll be able to launch a wide variety of combos and expand your attacks.”

The editors agreed that while the game looks completely different compared to its previous iterations, the core stylish gameplay, including its control, is still intact. The only major complaint about the game was about its control scheme. “You’re asked for some pretty technical control moves. This puts the game on the tough side, and I wish there was some kind of easier control mode or something.” Yoshida wrote.

DmC: Devil May Cry is releasing on January 15 on disc and also on the PSN store.