Daily Reaction 150th Special: We Sin in SimCity

March 7, 2013Written by Dan Oravasaari

Dan: Is it me or did this last 50 Daily Reactions fly by a lot quicker than the first go around? I wish it just meant that doing a new post every day on something interesting going on in the gaming industry was getting easier, but sadly that is not the case. I think very few people realize just how many topics we have covered, and how far ahead of the curve we were, especially in regards to the PS4. Both Seb and I were really looking forward to the amount of content the console’s announcement would bring us in terms of content, but sadly, of the things shown, we had covered most of it already.

Seb: Dear lord, that’s way too many DRs. So, to represent it in a way that people can easily understand, I made a pic of 150 Kaz heads, which you can see above.

To me, the point behind DR wasn’t to just have something that people could read/listen to every weekday, but something that was accountable. Take your average writer – he puts up a feature once a week, or once a month. You might read it and think “damn, this guy sucks, I completely disagree with him and he clearly tried to con me with flamebait”. In a week, you’ve probably forgotten about it, unless it was truly vile, and in a month it’s gone from your brain entirely. So he can con people again. That’s why I wanted something daily, something that, if people don’t like it, they will immediately be able to show their dissatisfaction by leaving, and we will immediately be able to see what has happened.

It forces us to be honest.

Finally we just wanted to say thank you to the readers for sticking with us throughout all 150 of these Daily Reactions, and we look forward to having you with us for many more to come. As always you can send in comments, ideas, or topless pics to DailyReaction@PlayStationLifeStyle.net or follow us on Twitter at Seb and Dan.

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