Watch the New Amazon-Exclusive The Last of Us: Red Band Trailer; Pre-Order for $10 Amazon Video Credit

April 1, 2013 Written by Anthony Severino

If you happened to miss last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC, you still have a chance to see the new Red Band trailer for The Last of Us. The video, which is an online Amazon-exclusive, teases the story behind The Last of Us and shows new characters, new environments, and new, never before seen action sequences. The only problem is, since it’s Amazon-exclusive, we can’t host the video here, so you’ll have to visit this page to view it.

Amazon and Sony have partnered this way, to encourage people to pre-order from In addition to the already announced pre-order exclusive Sights and Sounds DLC pack, Amazon is now offering $10 credit to their Amazon Instant Video service when you pre-order The Last of Us from

If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you can do so after you’ve viewed the new Red Band trailer on Amazon.