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    The Catch-Up: May 28th, 2013 – Battlefield 3 Maintenance, BioShock Infinite $39.99, Wargaming Console Title

    May 28, 2013 Written by Jason Dunning


    It was a very heavy day for The Last of Us news, and it even managed to spread to The Catch-Up, where you’ll also find a new Mega 64 video, the highlights of the GameStop flyer, and more.

    General News

    • The Last of Us pre-order at NewEgg comes with a $15 gift card until June 3rd.
    • Battlefield 3 will be going through maintenance between 2AM and 7AM PST tomorrow, May 29th.
    • Hotline Miami on PS3 and PS Vita is being worked through certification, so a release date should be soonish.
    • Let’s Fish! Hooked On (the band-aid game) will be 50% off in North America and Europe for PlayStation Plus members for the entire month of June, starting on the 4th (NA)/5th (EU).
    • The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character heads to the PS Vita tomorrow in Europe for €2.99, with a North American release coming soon.
    • The GameStop flyer that starts tomorrow has BioShock Infinite and Star Trek for $39.99, but since Amazon already has them for those prices, it isn’t much of a deal.
    • Wargaming, a F2P developer and publisher, will be unveiling their first console game at E3 2013, allowing for hands-on impressions to attendees. This mysterious title is being developed by Wargaming West, formerly Day One Studios.
    • Toshihiro Nagoshi, Producer on Yakuza, confirmed recently that a PS Vita Yakuza is coming, but there’s no other details past that.

    New Videos

    • Disney Infinity, need I say more?

    • Mega 64 is back at annoying the public yet again, with a timely Journey video:

    What did you think of the Mega 64 video? Let us know in the comments below.

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