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23 Trophies for The Last of Us Detailed, Including 2 for Multiplayer

May 29, 2013 Written by Jason Dunning


As Anthony said (read: gloated) in our PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList last week, he’s got his hands on The Last of Us, way ahead of the June 14th release date.

While we’re still waiting on word from Naughty Dog about one key aspect of the game – multiplayer – IGN was able to post a list of all the Trophies you can expect to unlock in The Last of Us, including the ones for beating any one of the four difficulties, collecting collectibles, upgrading weapons, multiplayer, and more:


  • It Can’t Be For Nothing (Platinum) – Unlock all the Trophies in The Last of Us.


  • Firefly – Complete the Firefly Journey.
  • Hunter – Complete the Hunter Journey.
  • For Emergencies Only – Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Scavenger – Found all collectibles.
  • No Matter What (Survivor) – Complete the Game on Survivor.
  • The Last of Us (Survivor+) – Complete the game on Survivor+.


  • Everything We’ve Been Through – Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
  • I Want to Talk About It – Engage in all optional conversations.
  • It Was All Just Lying There – Find all Artifacts.
  • Look For The Light – Find all Firefly Pendants.
  • No Matter What (Normal) – Complete the game on Normal.
  • No Matter What (Hard) – Complete the game on Hard.
  • The Last of Us (Easy+) – Complete the game on Easy+.
  • The Last of Us (Normal+) – Complete the game on Normal+.
  • The Last of Us (Hard+) – Complete the game on Hard+.


  • Endure and Survive – Collect all Comics.
  • I Got This – Find all Training Manuals.
  • Knowing the Basics – Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match.
  • Let’s Gear Up – Craft every item.
  • Master of Unlocking – Unlock all shiv doors.
  • No Matter What (Easy) – Complete the game on Easy.
  • Populace – Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.


  • Hidden Trophy

Are you planning on going for the Platinum in The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments below.