Daily Reaction: The Ultimate Sony E3 2013 Breakdown – Every Possible Announcement, Rumor and Prediction

June 7, 2013Written by Dan Oravasaari




Dan: Sadly, the Vita has still yet to see much traction in terms of games as very few titles have been announced or even released – not to mention the fact that PS Plus seems to release most of them for free anyway.

We are still waiting on Killzone Mercenary and Final Fantasy X HD and Warrior’s Lair, who should hopefully be shown in some format at the show, but I think people are getting tired of only seeing videos instead of the game itself. Indiecade leaked that there will be Flower on the Vita, so that is confirmed to be on the show floor, but given that it is a bit of an old title – don’t expect it at the press conference. Malicious Rebirth, the Japanese action game for Vita PSN, will be playable at the SCEE booth, but probably not at the show.

Media Molecule, the studio who brought the LittleBigPlanet franchise to the PS3, will be releasing Tearaway on the Vita in October. So there is a good chance that this title will be on the show floor, but probably won’t have much more of a presence outside of a sizzle trailer at the Sony conference.

Along with all the other amazing games that are set to come the Vita, Freedom Wars, a highly Japanese centric game planning to use GPS, was recently announced. But, details regarding the game are still scarce, and we don’t even know if it will be seeing a release stateside any time soon – maybe we will find out at E3.

Seb: The Vita really needs a good show if it wants to turn its fortunes around. The main first party game at E3 will likely be the next Sony Bend title, which we uncovered was an AAA Vita game with multiplayer. It’s probably another Uncharted.

Novarama, developers of the below average Reality Fighters, have an exclusivity deal with Sony, so we could see more of their titles on Vita – hopefully an Invizimals game. Project Siren are likely doing another Gravity Rush, but it’s probably too soon for anything from them. Equally, FuturLab are working on more Vita games, but only recently released Velocity HD.

Sony owns a 49% stake in Cellius, who made the terrible Ridge Racer PS Vita, so they may be making another game, but their website doesn’t even work any more, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Co-developers of LBP Vita, Double Eleven, are making the PS3/Vita game Frozen Synapse: Tactics, but there is a lot of speculation that they’re creating more Vita games, possibly including another LBP on Vita. Frozen Synapse will probably be on the E3 show floor, but unfortunately their other titles may be too far off.

Now here’s where things start to get a little less concrete – Sony has teased that there’s an “amazing big title” for the Vita that’s not a port or an indie, and that will presumably be announced at E3. Speculation has been rampant, and may include the Assassin’s Creed Vita game we discussed yesterday, or could be the Rockstar title that they were at least developing at some point. If it is indeed GTA Vita, it would be a huge chance for Sony to finally make the Vita relevant.

We will also not hear anything about BioShock Vita as it was never in development.

Console Overview: Hardware, price, features and more

Seb: Luckily, even if the above games don’t tickle your fancy, Sony has said that all PS4 games that don’t use features like the PS4eye or Move will support remote play. That’s a lot of games. Expect Sony to spend a significant amount of time demoing this feature and showing the ability to move from PS4 to Vita mid-game.

There’ll also be some cross-play announcements, just like how we found out that PS All-Stars was coming to Vita at last year’s E3.

Dan: Agreed, remote play will take up a big part of the show, as Sony will have to explain why it is better than before. Luckily, E3 is the best time to announce price cuts, and recently the Vita has seen a string of $50 off deals from Target, GameStop and Amazon – so E3 should see it officially come down in price.

Also on the list will probably be a new color for the Vita that will launch alongside a bundle for Killzone: Mercenary, and Tearaway for the EU market, as well as whatever their new big announcement is – I just hope it isn’t Call of Duty: Ghosts Reclassified.

Are you excited for Sony’s press conference? What games out of everything we listed do you think will be at E3? Did we get something wrong? Let us know in the comments below, email us at DailyReaction@PlayStationLifeStyle.net or tweet us at Seb and Dan. Also, make sure to stay tuned to PSLS, as we will be bringing you coverage directly from the show floor.


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