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Amazon Holds PS4 vs Xbox One Vote, PS4 Winning By Embarrassingly Insane Ratio, Launch Guaranteed Version Sells Out

June 13, 2013 Written by Sebastian Moss


Wow. Ok, let’s be honest – if PSLS held a PS4 vs Xbox One vote (feel free to in the comments below), the results would be less than scientific. But Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has a huge multiplatform fanbase with allegiances to both parties, so their audience’s reaction to the Xbox One must be sending chills down Microsoft’s spine.

Amazon is currently holding a Facebook vote to say which is your console of choice and, at time of writing, the PS4 is beating the Xbox One by over 17 times – 14,479 vs 884 (Update: now 24,248 vs 1379). The vote continues for a week, and you can check on its progress/vote here.

Meanwhile, the launch-guaranteed version of the PS4 has sold out on Amazon, but still remains as the no.1 best selling gaming product. The listing reads:

The standard version of the PlayStation 4 is identical to the Launch Edition. Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee Release-Date Delivery on the standard version of the PlayStation 4. We will deliver the standard version of PlayStation 4 as close to its release date as possible.

The non-launch guaranteed PS4, or ‘standard version’, has raced up to number 3 in best sales, and will presumably soon overtake the Launch Edition which can no longer be bought (Update: the Standard Edition is now number one, Launch third). The Xbox One, however, has remained at number 2, showing that there is still some demand for it, albeit not as much as for the PS4.

Do you think Microsoft should be concerned about the significant difference in votes? Have they already lost everything? Share your thoughts in the comments below.