PS4/Xbox One Pre-Orders Break Amazon Records, Double All Black Friday Game Sales in a Day

June 21, 2013 Written by Sebastian Moss


Random iOS developers love to say that consoles are dead, pointing to the declining sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the non-starter that was the Wii U. Thankfully, it looks like they’re all wrong – Amazon has revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One are selling faster than free kittens covered in hotcakes.

The world’s largest online retailer told us that “the Amazon Video Games store made history with its biggest pre-order week ever”, with more than 2,500 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles sold per minute at its peak. That’s “nearly two times that of all video games sales on Black Friday last year”, despite Black Friday being the biggest shopping day of the year, and those figures including all video game platforms and games, as well as all the lightning deals the company holds. Wow.

The figure not surprisingly trounced last year’s E3, with an increase in console orders of more than 4,000% over E3 2012.

We asked Amazon which console sold more, but they have yet to comment. The $399 PS4 was on top of the Amazon charts all of last week, with the launch edition selling out, and an Amazon PS4 vs XBO poll infamously saw 95% of the votes in Sony’s favor, but the $499 Xbox One did take the number one spot this week – even before Microsoft reversed its unpopular DRM plan. However, considering there is only one Xbox in the charts compared to several PS4 bundles, it’s hard to say who is winning now.

Do you think that the early sales lead of the PS4, buoyed by a cheaper price and Xbox One hatred, will allow the console to keep up the momentum? And how crazy do you think this year’s Black Friday sales will be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.