Ask PSLS: Which July 2013 New Release Video Game Are You Most Excited For?

June 27, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Yes, there are games releasing next month, so this latest Ask PSLS begs the question: Which July 2013 New Release Video Game Are You Most Excited For?

Anthony Severino – Solid (@Sev_Anthony)

There are games coming out in July? The only one interesting to me is that Metal Gear collection. But do I really want to add another collection to my collection of Metal Gear collections that are next to all of the originals? Do I even have room for another collection? How big is the box?

Cameron Teague – The Pretender (@Cameron_PSLS)

I am going to pretend that July is not happening and just skip straight to August.

Chandler Wood – What Would He Do For a Klondike Bar? (@FinchStrife)

July is a terrible month for game releases! So I am not actually looking forward to any games in July, but rather a little piece of DLC. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is what I want most that is coming in July. I can’t wait to be back in that world and making those hard decisions again. I am really excited to see how Telltale games raises the bar from what they brought us in the original five episodes and how 400 Days will connect with season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Dan Oravasaari – Lagging (@FoolsJoker)

 Walking Dead 500 years or something like that.

Heath Hindman – Jumpman (@RPGLand)

July in Japan is all about the 25th, when Nippon Ichi’s new action RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights comes out, as well as getting a short jump on the rest of the world with Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown.  I just hope I have the funds and time to make them both mine!

Jason Dunning – Repeater (@Jasonad21)

I feel like I’ve said this before, but Velocity Ultra is something I really want to play. On top of that, I’ll probably check out the 400 Days DLC for The Walking Dead, because I need me some Walking Dead.

Louis Edwards – Mixed Up (@ftwrthtx)

July is a mixed bag of releases and I may have to pick up NCAA Football 14. I missed out on last season’s release, so maybe it will be worth the pickup.

Sebastian Moss – Deep Thinker (@SebMoss)


Which July 2013 new release are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.