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PS4 Launch Day Bundles Back In Stock on Amazon, Get Them While They Last

July 25, 2013 Written by Anthony Severino


The PS4 is in high demand, so much so that there have been reports of PS4 launch day consoles selling for as much as $9,999 on eBay once the pre-order supply ran out. Which is why if you haven’t already pre-ordered a PS4, now could be the very last chance you’ll have to do so, as has re-opened pre-orders on PS4 launch day bundles including the Watch_Dogs PS4 Launch Bundle, the Knack PS4 Launch Bundle, the Battlefield 4 and PS Plus PS4 Launch Bundle, and my favorite choice, the Killzone: Shadow Fall and PS Plus PS4 Launch Bundle.

Stock isn’t likely to last very long, if previous reports are anything to go by. Originally, GameStop supposedly got the go ahead to open the flood gates on an “unlimited” supply of PS4 pre-orders, only to have to run out shortly after, followed by Amazon having to pull them days later due to overwhelming demand. Pre-order your PS4 now if you want to get one at launch or risk either camping out (which I did for the PS3), or paying overly inflated prices on eBay (which I did for the PS2).

[Thanks for the tip, Erik!]