PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 2.60 Fully Detailed, Shuhei Yoshida Calls Direct Cloud Save Access “Soooo Convenient”

August 6, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Released late last night (or early morning depending where you are), firmware update 2.60 hit the PlayStation Vita. While we gave you the broad overview of what this new firmware comes with yesterday, Sony has refreshed their PlayStation Vita update page, giving you all the info about 2.60:

Main Features

PlayStation Network

  • A PlayStation Plus icon has been added to the LiveArea of each game, making it easier to access the PlayStation Network servers to upload or download saved data (Shuhei Yoshida calls this feature, “soooo convenient”). PS+ membership required.


  • You can now play content saved on a connected device, such as your PS3 system or computer, without copying the content to your PS Vita. Simply select the connected device from the list of categories, and then tap the content to play it instantly (Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation on your computer must be updated).


  • [Bluetooth Settings] has been moved from [Network] settings to the newly added [Devices] settings.


  • You can now adjust network features from the menu that appears when you press and hold the PS button.


Other New or Revised Features

Home Screen

  • You can now use the PS Vita system’s buttons to customize the home screen. On the home screen, when you press a button on the PS Vita system, the cursor appears on the screen. To enter edit mode, press the [Triangle] button while the cursor is displayed.


  • The method for displaying the menu in PSP games and PS1 Classics has been changed. When a game is running, press and hold the PS button to display the menu.


  • You can now adjust for each game whether to show the trophies you earned. Tap (PlayStationNetwork), and then tap the game you want to adjust settings for. Tap the (Options) > [Privacy Settings] > [Show Trophies for This Game] checkbox to set a checkmark to enable this setting.


  • You can now adjust playback settings, such as those for the screen and subtitles, while watching a streaming video on a Web page. Tap (Options) > [Settings] during playback.


  • You can now make detailed adjustments to how closed captions are displayed. During playback, tap the (Options) > [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Display as Specified by Content checkbox to remove the checkmark, and then tap [Advanced Settings] on the screen that is displayed.

Content Manager

  • The method for adjusting saved data auto-upload settings has been changed. Settings adjusted on the (Information) screen for each saved data item can now be adjusted with [Select Saved Data] under (Content Manager) > [Start] > (Online Storage) > [Saved Data Auto-Upload]. PS+ membership required.


  • [Show Trophies] has been added under [PlayStationNetwork] > [Privacy Settings], and you can now adjust the range of who can see information about your earned trophies.

If you want to see everything in action, here’s a video:

What’s your favorite part of 2.60? Let us know in the comments below.

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