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Today May Be the Last Day to Pre-Order the PS4 on Amazon

August 8, 2013 Written by Anthony Severino


Oh no! If you wanted to play the PS4 on day one, you really should have pre-ordered one by now. But if you haven’t, and still want one at launch, today might just be the last day you’ll be able to do so on That’s according to Amazon Video Games on Facebook, who would obviously know Amazon’s stock allocation, launch supply, and consumer demand.

Amazon PS4 hush hush

The PS4 has been steadily topping Amazon’s bestsellers list since launch day bundle pre-orders were re-opened just a few weeks ago, hinting at an overwhelming demand for Sony’s new console. So if you do want to pre-order a PS4, or just aren’t sure yet, head on over to now and add a PS4 launch bundle to your cart. You don’t actually pay for one until it ships, so there’s still time to make your decision. C’mon now, you don’t want to miss out on the next generation of PlayStation, do you?