Sony: The PS4’s Release Date “Was Always Going to be November”

August 21, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Before Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 would be releasing on November 15th in the US and Canada and November 29th in numerous other countries, rumors were flying around that it could come out as early as October.

As it turns out, the PS4’s release date “was always going to be November,” says Fergal Gara, VP & Managing Director at SCE UK and Ireland, in an interview with VideoGamer. “Yesterday there were some rumors of October, but rumors are rumors. I’ve never heard October mooted internally. So we’re just delighted we’re locked on for November.”

With this date, Fergal adds that it will “satisfy a whole lot of Christmas wishes,” and on the topic of possibly not having enough PS4 stock at launch to fill demand, he added, “There’s nothing sinister or overly clever about it, and it certainly isn’t a PR stunt. It’s a real high demand situation and helping retail to manage that responsibly.”

What do you think of the fact that Fergal never even heard a possible October release date for the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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