Sony: PS3 to PS4 Upgrade Program Pricing is “Down to the Publishers”

August 22, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Activision was the first publisher to detail their pricing for the PS3 to PS4 upgrade promotion yesterday when they revealed that it would cost $10/€10/£10 for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Fergal Gara, VP & Managing Director at SCE UK and Ireland, continued his busy streak at gamescom this week by talking to GameSpot about the upgrade promo, saying, “It will be down to the publisher to decide” pricing. “That mechanism doesn’t affect us because we’re not publishing any titles across both platforms. It’s over to the EAs, the Activisions, and the Ubisofts to go an decide what the differential is to trade-up,” Gara continued.

Since Activision, EA, Warner Bros. and Ubisoft are the companies slated to participate in this program, it makes me wonder if Ubisoft will randomly flip the tables and offer a PS4 to PS3 downgrade promotion on Watch Dogs since the PS4 version comes out on November 15th in the US and Canada, while the PS3 one is out 4 days later on November 19th.

What’s the most you would pay to upgrade your PS3 copy of a game to a digital version of it on PS4? $10? $20? $30? Let us know in the comments below.